Future Wives is excited to empower young improvisers around the country with a unique offering of workshops aimed at building confidence, energy and teamwork on stage. 

Improv For Bad Bitches

As female improvisers in the male-dominated New York comedy scene, Future Wives understands how easy and common it is for women to feel brushed aside or steamrolled in scenes. We’ve created a workshop for female improvisers that strengthens skills and builds confidence to remind participants that everyone in every scene can make the same amount of choices. This workshop focuses on following your gut, getting out of your head and having as much fun as possible on stage.

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Improv Basics

Looking to dive deeper into the world of improv but not sure where to start? Future Wives has designed an introductory workshop that establishes the skills and elements that are key to good improv. This workshop focuses on ‘yes and’ support, adding specifics to scenes, and maintaining positive energy on stage. It’s open to all ages and all levels, and aims to make participants feel fearless, creative, supported and accepted on stage.


Future Wives has taught their unique brand of comedy across the country, from improv festivals to high schools and colleges. Interested in having them teach at your theatre, institution or organization? Let us know!